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Information Assurance / Cyber Security

At CTA Inc., Systems Security is part of everything we do. Now more than ever, commercial and government entities require safe and secure information systems to perform critical internal and external functions. CTA’s engineers analyze each customer’s unique situation to:

  • Integrate security into the overall systems architecture
  • Balance the implementation of the security strategy with operations
  • Provide total support to the client for all system life cycle phases

CTA’s Systems Security Engineers and Certified Information Systems Security Professionals work with clients in a practical manner to help determine and prioritize risks and implement cost effective countermeasures. CTA has applied this approach since the late 1980s to various space protection, financial, health and weapons systems. This has included specialized cyber security areas such as:

  • High assurance tactical weapons systems (Up to and including JAFAN PL 5)
  • Operating systems and cryptographic multi-level security systems
  • Penetration testing
  • TEMPEST analyses

The F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter are arguably the two most advanced military aircraft ever developed. Beginning directly with the program office and later as a subcontractor, CTA has been responsible for the Information Assurance on both aircraft since their inception. This includes all aspects including the certification of Multilevel Security on both aircraft avionics and ground systems. Our efforts have been critical to the security certification of the on-board avionics and ground support mission planning systems.

CTA developed the overall weapons systems security and electronic key management plans for these aircraft. These systems handle multiple levels of information and cryptographic keys.

For the GSA, our support has included defining the concept for a Security Information and Event Management system to provide real-time monitoring of networks critical to GSA operations. We’ve taken that concept, implemented it and use it to provide continuous intrusion detection and response to support to GSA.

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